About Audiovisual Pitch

About Audiovisual Pitch

he Audiovisual Pitch is an annual meeting of entrepreneurs seeking to find out audiovisual projects produced by emerging university talent.

Objectives: To bring near talent emerging from the university to the industry, to detect innovative projects to promote employability of the new generations and to strengthen the relationship between University and Industry.

Methodology: Throughout the year, the participating universities make a first selection of those works produced by the students. Later, a professional committee chooses the most relevant selected projects and undergo a training process with the students to improve their presentations. Finally, the projects are presented and discussed in public sessions during two days.

Strategic Alignment: The Audiovisual Pitch gets the Cluster strategy to strengthen the connection between the University and the Industry, a sector labor intensive and integrated by highly qualified professionals with a high percentage of young people.

Contribution: The Audiovisual Pitch is one of the most acts of public importance Cluster AV, and keeps a permanent dialogue between universities and industry.

Audiovisual Pitch will celebrate its third edition on 30th of November and 1st of December 2017

Venue: CCCB (Montalegre 5)
Dates: 30th of November and 1st of December 2017



As training, a workshop will take place one week before the Audiovisual Pitch. During two days, the students will work intensively on improving their project presentation with the aid of the tutors, who have an extensive industry experience.

Around twenty projects previously selected by a professional committee will be presented in front of members of audiovisual sector. Students will have 7 minutes to explain their projects (teaser included) and the professionals will have 7 minutes to make comments and questions.

In the afternoon individuals meetings will take place between students and professionals